The Sun UK Fabulous Magazine: 24 Hours with Darcy Oake


i get up super-early. The latest I’ll wake up is 6.30am, even when

I don’t have to. I’ll lie in for 20 minutes checking emails, then

procrastinate for another 10 before jumping up. While I’m in the UK

I rent a flat in London, but I have a flat back home in Canada, too. If

I’m there I’ll take my labradoodle Humphrey for a quick morning walk,

but when I’m on tour I’ll spend the whole day preparing for the show

that night. I’m a massive coffee drinker – I’m still drinking it well after

midday – and for breakfast I’ll have three eggs on toast, sometimes

with rice. I live alone and eat like a caveman.

i practise tricks in my warehouse in canada. Humphrey will come

with me and I’ll spend the day working on material with two other

guys who give me a second opinion. I love the immediate response

I get from performing. There’s so much time and effort that goes into

creating material and I can tell right away whether people like it or not.

I don’t have to wait around to know.

the afternoon before a show is pretty low-key. I’m often playing

out the whole thing in my head, thinking about the different situations

and material. I’m constantly going over every aspect of the

performance. I don’t eat very much before I go on stage, but I’ll pick

at a few things here and there. The guys on tour with me laugh at my

eating habits and say I have the diet of a five year old. I like very plain

things – I love a good cheese pizza and chicken fingers. Although I

don’t like going on stage feeling groggy or with a full stomach.

i can get ready and be out the door in two minutes. I wash and

brush my teeth and I’m gone. I require nothing! When it comes to

clothes, if I find something I like, I’ll buy 50. I’ve recently bought a

T-shirt that fits me really well, so I’ve ordered crates of them to wear.

my most dangerous stunts are limited to certain shows. Whenever

we plan a dangerous trick it takes a toll on my emotions and stress

levels. I spend the whole day with it in the back of my mind, knowing

I have to do it that night, so I don’t perform them on every show.

Beforehand, we get everyone on the team and behind the scenes

together feeling happy and excited.

most of the time i feel amazing post-show. The other 1% of the

time is usually because of something minor. I think about what could

be better, but I try not to dwell on it. I’ll have a bite to eat and crack

open a cold beer or a cider. I like to go out with my team to celebrate

after and it usually ends up being a late one. When we get back

we’ll have a nightcap in one of our hotel rooms. I’m usually the last

man standing. 10.27.19

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